Many homeowners replace their windows simply for aesthetic reasons — maybe to update the style of their home or increase curb appeal. Those are valid reasons. Your home should match your tastes.

Other times the windows look fine, but they don’t work fine. When your windows show these signs, it’s likely time for a replacement:

  • They are hard to open or don’t open at all.
  • The window frame is damaged or deteriorating.
  • Air or water from the outside leaks into your home.
  • Fogging appears between the panes.

Most of these signs are pretty obvious. You may be frustrated by a loss of functionality, see visible damage, feel a draft or spot water, or fog. Quality windows can last for years. The current average single-family homeowner moves about every 15 years so some people may never go through the window replacement process. There’s a lot to learn for first-timers and a lot to remember for homeowners who haven’t done it in a while.

Though the process may seem daunting, we are happy to address any questions you may have and are available throughout the process to make sure your window investment is handled correctly and to your satisfaction.

We are a Pella Certified Contractor, which means we meet the highest standards in window installation – which is fitting for Pella, who sets quality standards other window manufacturers can only aspire to.


Home remodeling and repair can be expensive.  The cost of such projects are often the biggest concern of homeowners.  That’s why we offer an impressive selection of financing solutions to suit projects of any size. We can help you choose the plan that’s right for you and make the application process simple.

With attractive rates and flexible terms we have plenty of options including:

  • Deferred interest plans up to 24 months
  • Zero interest/same as cash
  • Zero interest with set monthly payments
  • Long and short term options up to 180 months


We would love to discuss your needs and help you develop a plan to fulfill them in the most cost-effective manner possible. If you’ll fill out the form below, someone will contact you promptly to set up a call or a meeting.