Basement ground flooding

The Recent Storms May Have Affected Your Home

Recently there’s been quite a bit of rain throughout Indiana. So much that there have been roads flooded and blocking off access to cars. With these storms causing that much flooding, it’s quite possible it’s reaching your home.

This tremendous amount of water collects at the base of your home with the risk of entering the basement. It’s crucial to prevent water from entering here to stop problems like mold and mildew, and to preserve your walls. One function of your home that will assist with preventing this is the gutters. Properly functioning gutters will direct large sources of water during a storm away from your home. Clogged or unmaintained gutters can lead to basement leaks, cracked wall foundations, moisture damage to your home’s siding and roof, as well as other problems.

Your roof is another area of access for water to enter. If your home is old and you aren’t sure when it was last serviced or inspected, it’s likely that your roof is vulnerable to the heavy storms occurring in Indiana. Areas of your roof may be exposed to the rain causing leaks and damage to your home.

In preparation for the next storm, or if you’re concerned about your home, contact us to inspect your house.