New Windows Can Help Cool Down Your House

If you are the kind of person that dreads the return of spring and summer because of how hot your home constantly gets this time of year, the issue may not be with your air conditioner. Did you know that your windows are one of the most common areas of your house for hot air to creep in and cool air to seep out?

Any homeowner that lives in an older home with original windows surely knows just how hot their home can get, especially during the peak temperatures that Indiana summers often bring with them. Sure, you can crank up the AC and do some tricky maneuvers with your box fans to try and blow hot air away, but if you want to efficiently get to the bottom of your hot house problems, it is time to seriously consider replacing your windows with new vinyl windows. 

The reason replacing your windows is such an effective method of regulating the temperature of your home is because by doing so you address the biggest reasons windows allow heat to infiltrate your home. Plus, there is an added benefit to installing vinyl windows you as a homeowner won’t just feel, but actually see with your own eyes!

Vinyl windows are strong insulators

Vinyl window frames are constructed using PVC which, aside from making them more durable and longer lasting than wood frames, is a much stronger natural insulator. Metal or wood frames absorb heat faster and allow for it to more easily transfer from the outside to inside. PVC, like other plastic materials, more efficiently traps heat within the insulated frame. The result is a much slower rate at which heat will leak into your home and heat it up.

Pair with insulated windows for even more protection

Vinyl window frames are excellent at keeping hot heat out of your home on their own, but pairing them with insulated windows makes for a more complete heat-protective window. Single-pane windows don’t provide much protection from the outside elements, being just a single thin layer of glass. However, double-pane windows provide much more protection. The extra layer allows for better insulation, restricting heat access through the glass, without restricting the amount of light that passes through.

Replacing windows renews seals and seams

More than just upgrading the type of window frames your home has, replacing your current windows with vinyl window frames also allows you the opportunity to have the seals around your window renewed by your installer. Over time, especially with old wooden window frames, moisture and other damage can cause warping, cracking, or splitting that creates seams and easy access points for heat to pass through. Starting from scratch with stronger windows and window frames allows any repairs to be made during the new installation so your home is better protected all the way around.  

This all will lower your energy bills

Replacing your windows with vinyl window frames, more insulated double-pane windows, and repairing and leaks and seams are all not only actions that will keep your home cooler, but also keep your energy bills lower! Keeping your house cooler means you won’t have to be running your air conditioner at full blast 24/7 and keeps you from needing to run a dozen fans around the house and blowing out windows. The amount of energy this will help you save will make a significant impact on keeping your monthly energy bill low and keeping more money in your pocket.

Replacing your old windows with new, strong, durable, and protective is one of the most effective ways of keeping your home’s temperature cool and your energy bills nice and low, making for a super comfortable spring and summer.

If you want your new windows installed the right way, let the pros at Lathrop Contracting our expertise! We’ll make sure the job is done the right way and help cool your house down with affordable replacement vinyl windows. Schedule an appointment online or call for service today!