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​Windows provide your home with both aesthetic and practical value which makes their care and upkeep so important. If you are in need of window replacement, call Indianapolis window contractor Lathrop Contracting. We are a Pella Certified Contractor, which means we meet the highest standards in home and commercial window installation in the Indianapolis area.


Whether you want to replace your windows for aesthetic reasons — maybe to update the style of your home or increase curb appeal – or your windows are starting to show signs of wear and tear or age, let Lathrop help you with your project.

Let Lathrop Contracting inspect your windows and give you a free estimate to help you determine the best solution and find the right style for your home or commercial building.

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Windows that are hard to open or don’t open at all, window frames that are damaged or deteriorating, fogging between windowpanes, and temperature leaks from inside or outside your home are all signs that your windows may be in need of replacement.

Temperature fluctuations caused by leaky windows aren’t just inconvenient. Because of the extremely hot summers and extremely cold winters here in Indianapolis, leaky windows are not energy efficient and will lead to expensive utility bills.

Don’t delay, replace those inefficient windows before all your hard-earned dollars seep out your drafty windows.

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We also offer storm door installation for our Indianapolis-area customers and offer  a wide selection of storm doors to help further weatherproof your home. Storm doors are a practical solution for adding both style and protection to your home’s doors.

Fill out our form for a free estimate or Indianapolis window contractor Lathrop Contracting today at (317) 783-6929 and we will schedule an appointment to evaluate your window project. Learn more window repair and installation information at our blog.

Do you think your homeowner’s insurance should cover your window installation? Make sure to check with your home insurance company to see if your window project is covered. If you need to file a claim, we’ll work with you and with your insurance company to make sure you have everything you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are old windows worth repairing?

You can almost always repair and restore old wood windows if you’re willing to set aside the time and can find replacement hardware. But it’s not always worth the effort and expense. Major problems include:

  • Rot. Once rot starts, it’s tough to stop unless you commit yourself to replace rotted wood (a difficult job) and then maintaining it regularly. Consider replacement.
  • Sagging casement (crank-out) windows. You can usually replace worn-out crank mechanisms, but bent or worn hinges are tougher and replacements don’t always solve the problem. Consider new windows.
  • Fogged double-pane glass. The fogging that occurs between the glass panes may or may not be able to be fixed. Glass replacement (sometimes the entire sash) is the only solution. This is often difficult and it’s expensive if a pro does it. Compare the “fix-it” cost with the cost of a new window, depending on if the window is still manufactured.

Are double-pane windows better than single-pane windows?

Single-pane windows often leave rooms feeling chilly and dry in cold weather and overheated in warm, sunny weather. Windows with double-pane glass can greatly improve the comfort of your home. They can block much of the heat of direct sunlight but still allow the light to come through (less need for shades). They’ll reduce cold drafts and the chill of cold glass. And they’ll reduce condensation so you can keep the indoor humidity at a higher, more comfortable level in cold weather. New energy-efficient windows will also save on your fuel bills but rarely enough to justify the investment if your old windows are still in good shape.

How can you tell it is time to replace your windows?

Are you sick and tired of nursing your windows along, or are you OK with the minor maintenance jobs that go along with them? Consider:

  • Ease of operation. Do they lift, swing or slide easily, or do you hesitate to open them when you want ventilation?
  • Scraping and painting. Painted windows require regular maintenance. Otherwise they’ll rot and fall apart. New windows with aluminum or vinyl cladding or that are made from vinyl or a composite eliminate this chore.
  • Condensation. Does condensation regularly collect on the glass, cloud the view and soak the window trim? Higher-efficiency glass in new windows will help reduce this problem.
  • Storm windows. Do you mind cleaning, maintaining and putting up and taking down storm windows? Do your storms need replacement?
  • Cleaning. Is this so difficult that you avoid doing it? Many new windows are designed to make cleaning a snap.

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Pella Certified Contractors are an elite group of independent remodeling professionals, certified and selected by Pella. We’re trusted by homeowners like you to provide the customer service and craftsmanship that will meet the standards of an industry leader.

Work with a certified local contractor on your home remodeling projects. Pella Certified Contractors® are handpicked for their expertise with window and door replacement and remodeling projects, along with their whole-home renovation capabilities.