Indianapolis Window Contractor

​Windows provide your home with so much aesthetic and practical value which makes their care and upkeep so important. If you are in need of window replacement, call the Indianapolis window contractor experts at Lathrop Contracting. We are a Pella Certified Contractor, which means we meet the highest standards in home and commercial window installation in the Indianapolis area.

Whether you want to replace your windows for aesthetic reasons — maybe to update the style of your home or increase curb appeal – or your windows are starting to show signs of wear and tear or age, let Lathrop Contracting inspect your windows and give you a free estimate to help you determine the best solution and find the right style for you home or commercial building.  

Windows that are hard to open or don’t open at all, window frames that are damaged or deteriorating, fogging appearing between windowpanes, and temperature leaks from inside or outside your home are all signs that your windows may be in need of replacement.

Temperature fluctuations caused by leaky windows isn’t just inconvenient, because of the extremely hot summers and extremely cold winters here in Indianapolis, they can also be very costly when you get your energy bill each month. Don’t delay, replace them before all your hard-earned dollars seeps out your drafty windows.

We also offer storm door installation for our Indianapolis-area customers from a wide selection of storm doors to help further weatherproof your home. Storm doors are a practical solution for adding both style and protection to your home’s doors.

Fill out our form for a free estimate or call us today at (317) 783-6929 and we will schedule an appointment to evaluate your Indianapolis window project.

Do you think your homeowner’s insurance should cover your window installation? Make sure to check with your home insurance to see if your window project is covered. If you need to file a claim, we’ll work with you and with your insurance to make sure you have everything you need.