The Recent Storms May Have Affected Your Home

Recently there's been quite a bit of rain throughout Indiana. So much that there have been roads flooded and blocking off access to cars. With these storms causing that much flooding, it's quite possible it's reaching your home. This tremendous amount of water...

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DIY Gutter Maintenance

It's likely you've overlooked your gutters throughout the past year or two. You should routinely check on your home's gutters to avoid major repairs. Leaving them unnoticed can result in blockage and leaks which will ruin your gutters and even worse, your home. Grab a...

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Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance Guide

A well-maintained fireplace can make your home warm and cozy. A poorly maintained fireplace can put you and your home in danger. Chimney fires are incredibly hazardous because your chimney is not built to contain fire above a certain temperature, meaning...

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