Should you get a metal roof?

Metal roofing is actually more common than you may think or notice, especially these days. In addition to lasting decades longer than asphalt shingles, metal roofing offers the versatility and variety of options that most other roofing materials...

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Heavy Rain Can Mean A Leaky Chimney

Summer rainstorms are often a welcome for cooling off hot sunny days and for keeping our lawns and gardens nice and green!Unfortunately, heavy rain can also lead to a leaky chimney. During the summer, chimney leaks are the most common chimney issue that we...

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Summer Roofing Tips

This summer as you are outside enjoying the weather and spending time in your backyard, take a look up at your roof. How does it look? Have you had the same roof since you bought your house without any trouble? When it comes to important aspects of your...

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Are you ready for hail?

Every year in the United States there are around 3,000 hailstorms! While these storms don’t wreck the same havoc as tornados, floods, and hurricanes- they do have the potential to cause significant and widespread property damage. Here are some great tips...

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