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New Windows Can Help Cool Down Your House

If you are the kind of person that dreads the return of spring and summer because of how hot your home constantly gets this time of year, the issue may not be with your air conditioner. Did you know that your windows are one of the most common areas of your house for hot air […]

Tips for Properly Cleaning Siding

Cleaning siding can make your home look new.Here are some tips to keep your vinyl siding looking fresh and new.  Vinyl siding is the most common siding of choice by homeowners (link to vinyl vs cement blog) and for good reason. It offers a complete mixture of affordability, durability, and attractiveness, all of which are […]

Hailstorm Damage Checklist

Hailstorm damage is part of spring in Indianapolis.  As a homeowner, the morning after a severe hailstorm there is probably a lot going through your mind. What got dinged up? How bad did it get damaged? What should I do next? Because of the seriousness and potentially devastating qualities of a hailstorm, these are important […]

5 Signs You Need New Siding

With spring finally having arrived and the weather improving, you’re probably now a little more inclined to step outside and take a closer look at your home. Unfortunately, like many homeowners after a long winter, you may not exactly love what you see! The winter can leave your siding looking a little dingy, dirty, and […]