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Roof Shingle Damage or Normal Wear and Tear?

An asphalt roof properly installed by a professional and maintained with a good level of care can last around 20 years. However, over those 20 years, your roof and shingles are going to get put through a lot. Wind, rain, snow, hail, branches, sun, hot, cold – and that is just one year in Indiana! […]

You Cannot Afford to Put Off Chimney Repair

As winter starts heading towards its conclusion, chimney owners are starting to think about packing away their firewood and getting ready to let their chimney sit inactive until next winter. But, before you put your chimney completely out of mind for the spring, summer, and fall, it is important to make sure you take care […]

4 Most Common Winter Roofing Concerns

The winter can be a brutal time for your roof, especially here in Indiana. Sitting out there withstanding the elements for the entire winter can leave even a roof even in the most pristine condition entering November looking worse for wear once things thaw out In March. Because of the toll winter can take on […]

Best Ways to Prevent Icicles on Your Home

Icicles look innocent and beautiful glistening in a winter wonderland, but these frozen drippings can end up being more dangerous and damaging than you may realize. If you have lived in Indiana for long, you are likely all too familiar with icicles and how they form, but let’s recap: snow and ice on your roof […]

Quick-Fix Solutions to a Drafty Window

While curling up on the couch with a warm blanket during the winter can be a nice comforting activity, it can also be an annoyance when the reason is that an old drafty window is making your living room feel like an icebox! Whether it is because of age, damage, or improper installation, drafty windows […]