Hail on the roof after hailstorm

Are you ready for hail?

Every year in the United States there are around 3,000 hailstorms! While these storms don’t wreck the same havoc as tornados, floods, and hurricanes- they do have the potential to cause significant and widespread property damage.

Here are some great tips to help minimize potential damage the next time there is a hailstorm in your neighborhood:

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Tree Trimming

Falling hail often cracks and damages overhanging branches causing them to fall on homes and damage roofs during a storm. Trim back and remove any overhanging branches to help mitigate this risk.

Repair existing roof damage

Minor roof damage such as a couple broken shingles can turn into a much bigger and more expensive problem once the hail starts flying! Be proactive and inspect and repair small roof issues yearly to avoid the costly mistake of procrastination!

Store outdoor furniture and accessories in a safe place

When the wind starts rocking during a storm it is common for patio furniture, umbrellas, and even grills to go flying and damage windows and siding. Move these larger items into the garage if possible, or anchor in place.

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